New Ram Fleet Reviews

New Ram Commercial Truck Reviews

New Ram Commercial Trucks

Ram commercial trucks are ready to take on the heaviest jobs, with athletic powertrains, superior brakes, electronic power steering, and heavy-duty suspensions. Available with single or dual wheels, four-wheel drive, and with a variety of body configurations, including a landscaping dump truck, the Ram commercial trucks have refined interiors with supple and supportive seats and a long list of standard amenities that will keep drivers comfortable, even on the longest hauls.

New Ram 4500 Review

New Ram 4500

The Ram 4500, available with dual rear wheels, has all the power you need to tackle the biggest jobs. Designed to tow the heaviest loads, the Ram 4500 is built with a high-strength steel frame, and has a superior suspension, heavy-duty brakes, and electronic power steering that deliver a confident driving experience. The Ram 4500 has two engine selections, as well as available four-wheel drive. Best of all, the Ram 4500 has a sophisticated interior with a long list of standard comfort and safety amenities to keep passengers entertained and protected on those long hauls down the highway.

New Ram Commercial Fleet Dealer

New Commercial Fleet Dealer

As a commercial fleet vehicle dealer, Larson Dodge has an outstanding selection of Ram trucks and vans for all your business needs. Whether you need a cargo van, passenger van, dump truck, chassis truck, or heavy-duty pickup capable of taking heavy equipment to a worksite, we have the vehicle that matches your specific requirements.

New Ram Commercial Van Reviews

New Ram Commercial Vans

The Ram commercial vans are designed to meet your business cargo and passenger needs. Safe, dependable, and capable, the Ram commercial vans have airbags to protect every passenger, rearview cameras so drivers can backup and park safely and efficiently, antilock disc brakes for superior stopping power, and electronic traction and stability control for a well-balanced ride. Best of all, the Ram commercial vans are versatile, and can be configured to meet your specific cargo requirements.

New Ram 5500 Review

New Ram 5500

The Ram 5500, available with a chassis cab, can be configured with two cab styles, four lengths, and nine wheelbases so you can upfit your rig to meet your specific requirements. Powerful, tough, durable, dependable and reliable, the Ram 5500 delivers top-notch performance, and is designed to take on the biggest jobs with style, grace, and power. Comfortable and safe, the Ram 5500 has intuitive and easy to use controls, supple and supportive seats, and a standard rearview camera so drivers can hook up and park that trailer safely and efficiently.