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Our Customers


Congrats to Corey Olson and his new Nissan Pathfinder he got from Tom Fischer!  Go Hawks!!  Hey guys......its called "tailgating" NOT sidegating LOL!


Sgt. Curry thank you for your services!!!  He literally had to drive his salesman Brandon Sonnier into the ground to get a great deal.

(no one was hurt in the taking of this photo lol)



Congrats to Kenneth Hodo and his new Chrysler Pacifica they got from AJ Merrell.  He had to throw in his pants to make the deal.


Congrats to Daniel and Patricia Gallagher from Allyn, WA!!!  They just got a new Ram 3500 from Brandon Sonnier.  Brandon.......WE CAN SEE YOU!  


Thank you Trevor Thomas who just picked up a Chrysler Town and Country from Nastashia Spencer.  Go Mariners!


Congrats to Lori Fietz, her daughter McKenna just got one from us so she had to 1-up her and get one too!  Congrats to the family and thank you AJ Merrell with hooking them up.


Congrats to Dawn Fender and her new Jeep Wrangler she got from Paul Straling.  When she's not riding her hog, she will be mud jumpin in her new Jeep.


Congrats to Candice and Joseph Powers on their new Dodge Challenger they got from Paul Straling.


Go Hawks!


Congrats to Bob and Emily who decided to get TWO OF THEM from Tom Fischer.  


Congrats to the Sehlin Family on the purchase of their new Ram 3500 they just picked up from Justin Smith.


Everyone say good-bye to Jeff's Ex and say hello to his new love!  Jeff just upgraded from an SRT to a HELLCAT!  Jeff try and keep it under a 100mph..........yeah right!!!  lol

Thank you Brandon Sonnier for hooking Jeff up


Congrats to Kelsie Burdette who purchaed a 2017 Jeep Compass from  Nnastashia Spencer


Congrats to Quinton Fischer and his new Jeep Cherokee he got from AJ Merrell.  Thank you Quinton for keeping Gotham safe!


Congrats to Adrian and Lucas Meier who just got a new truck from Justin Smith


Congrats Tricia Parrish on your new Dodge Charger!!  Throw them hands up!!!!

Just got this from Justin Smith


Congrats to Josh and Krista Piehler who just picked up a Chevy Suburban to fit the growing family.  They just got this from Justin Smith.


Congrats Kathy Scabbyrobe and your family on your 2017 Dodge Journey.   Thank you for your referral Michelle and Lee Eaglespeaker, we appreciate you!  They just picked this sweet ride up from Justin Smith


Congrats Bryce Bentham on your 2015 Toyota Camry you just got from Justin Smith. Thank you for your service to our country, we appreciate you!


Congrats to Carl Waterbury who got a New Mercedes from Justin Smith.  Carl took advantage of our many sister stores we have in the Larson Group.


Congrats to John Pettit and his family, they just got a 17 Ram 1500....."That thing got a HEMI????"...........WHY YES IT DOES!!!!!  Thank you Justin Smith for help


Congrats to Tiffany and Lawrence Darbyshire on another purchase from us, they're 17 Jeep Cherokee.  They say thats a puppy????  Look at the paws on this guy!  Thank you Justin Smith for helping them again.


Shay what Shay what Shay whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!! lol


Shayla's FIRST NEW CAR!!!!  She just picked her new sweet Jeep Compass from Brandon Sonnier


Congrats to Kyle Patrick who just got himself a Ford F-150 from Justin Smith


Its a family affair!!!  Congrats to Chris and Eric and they're families!  They just picked up 2 Chrysler Pacificas from Brandon Sonnier


Congrats to Aries Manasala and his sweet new set of BMW wheels!!  He fell in love at first site!  And when he asked for a lift, he literally got one in his new ride!   Thx Justin Smith for the extra boost


Congrats to Noahlani on her first new vehicle!  She got a 2017 Jeep Renegade after her singing competition with Tom Fischer.  The winner got a new Jeep Renegade.  Guess who won?  LOL!  


Congrats to Elizabeth and Seth Davis who just a Ram 1500 from Cole Mulnix!

We see you Rockin out.....Rock on!


Congrats Jeff Green and his new Ram 1500 he got from Nastashia Spencer!  


Congrats to McKenna Fietz just got her a 2018 Jeep Compass from AJ Merrell


Congrats to Renee Flores as she strikes a pose.  She just got her new Jeep Compass from AJ Merrell


Congrats Tyler Simington on the purchase of your new truck.  He just picked this one up from Paul Straling.


Congrats to Noelle Boltz and her new Mazda3 she just got from Justin Smith!   Thank you mom and dad for the birthday present! (from Noelle lol)


Congrats Rob Knutson on the purchase of his new Jeep Cherokee he got from AJ Merrell.  You can't hear him but he's probably yelling "I got mine from AJaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


Anthony Krebs just picked him up a new truck he just got from Paul Straling.  


Congrats to Rian and Jenny Keizer on they're new 17 Durango they just got from Justin "Seahwaks" Smith


Congrats Rhonda Fischer on your new Jeep Grand Cherokee you just got from AJ Merrell


Congrats Barry Pealstrom who picked himself an FJ Crusier from Cole Mulnix

Congrats to Audra and Chris Ward's family on their purchase of they're new 17 Chrysler Pacifica they picked up from Brandon Sonnier


Congrats to the Wachendorf Family on their new Honda Pilot they got from Justin Smith


Thank you Brandon and Kristine Lewis on your new Jeep Grand Cherokee you just got from Justin Smith.


Congrats to Shelby and her brand new Jeep Gr Cherokee Summit she just got from Brandon Sonnier


Thank you Dr. David Johns who just picked up a sweet Chrysler Pacifica from Justin Smith


Congrats Shane Whitezel, just picked up a sweet ride for his son Austin.  Thank you Justin Smith for helping them out.



Congrats to LMT Lisa Corriell and her new Hyundai Genesis she got from Justin Smith.  Lisa took advantage of one of our many sister stores we have in our auto group.  Thank you Courtney Suber for the referral.  

If you need a massage go see Lisa on Meridian in Puyallup.


Congrats to newlyweds Camie and Steve who just got a GMC Acadia from Justin Smith.  


Congrats to the Safsten Family and their new Dodge Journey Crossroad they just got from Justin Smith


Thank you High Country Contrators with another addition to your fleet.  Owner Tom Lyman is good friends of ours and we appreciate his continued business.  If your hungry go check out some his restraunts Casco Antiguo Tacoma or Seattle.


Now they have 2 new editions to the family :)  Congrats on the new Jeep you got from Paul Straling.  


Jennifer and Shawn Gallahan purchased a 2014 Ford Focus from Cole Mulnix